Final works on interior design

Everyone wants a nice and comfortable home. Sometimes, only minimal repairs are needed, which can be done in a few days, and often renovation and finishing works in construction are not something we can solve alone. Then we usually wonder who could finish construction work.

Our experienced team of experts has many years of experience in finishing works, starting with engineers who care to keep everything in line with the rules of the profession, to professional workers who bring the finest details to perfection.

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Painting walls and ceilings

The most common works performed in an interior are the painting of walls and ceilings. Procedure for carrying out works:

  • Protection of surfaces in space,
  • Wall surface preparation,
  • Repair of damages on surfaces,
  • Applying a primer,
  • Wall skimming (if new surfaces are processed) in 2 or 3 times,
  • Painting the walls,
  • Cleaning the space.

Painting of carpentry

If there is a carpentry in your home that seems to be dilapidated, and yet it's not time to replace it, then we recommend repairing and painting of the carpentry.

Reparation stages:

  • Sanding of carpentry
  • Puttying surfaces
  • Painting of carpentry with basic paint
  • Painting of carpentry with finishing paint

Depending on the condition of the fittings, it is often necessary to replace the existing fittings so that the carpentry could be completely correct.

Paints for walls and ceillings

For wall and ceilling painting we use:

  • standard non-permeable semi-dispersible paints,
  • permeable colors such as dispersion acrylic and latex paint.
Depending on the purpose of the room, our engineers will propose you the appropriate type of paint.

Paints for carpentry

For the painting of carpentry we use:

  • Acrylic paint,
  • Epoxy paings,
  • Oil paint,
  • Polyurethane paing,
  • Lacquers.
Depending on the type of carpentry our engineers will propose you the appropriate type of paint.