Custom showers, mirrors, doors and walls

Glass is a material whose use grows from year to year. Its use in the interior has achieved an extremely high degree of application with a number of different solutions. Glass is a material whose finishing can be protective coating, grinding, printing, enamelling, quenching, lamination, sandblasting, bending, UV protection and others.

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Custom Showers

We manufacture custom showers to your measure, modern design, top quality, easy to maintain, customized to all customer requirements with secured service, spare parts and favorable prices.

Design and comfort

Enjoy the comfort of custom designed shower that are adapted to your bathroom and represent the source of inspiration for the creator.

High quality fittings and sealing

In your shower cabins, we install high quality hardware made of special technology in order to have perfect performance and durability.

Opening the shower cabin

Custom shower cubicles could be equpped with the fixed panels(irreplaceable glass panels as protection from spraying water over the rest of the bathroom), sliding - sliding opening aside or opening around your axis.

Interior Glass Wall Systems

The glass gives your walls a good appearance and creates bright, open spaces. Its sound-absorbing features allow for quiet and smooth operation - ideal premises for office space.

  • Depending on the customer needs, they can be with simple or double glazing, frames with different visible widths in combination with blinds.
  • Sculpture fastened to the surface - completely without the frame. The narrow fixing of glass surfaces with a narrow adhesive surface gives a discreet appearance.
  • Full glass wall - no-back construction in many glass designs allows for easy and transparent transparency. Without vertical bearing elements this wall is in compliance with static requirements.

We install glass walls of different colors and shades, with sprinkled or motifs printed directly on the glass. Glass walls are in compliance with fire safety requirements.

Custom Mirrors

The mirror is a glass plate coated with silver-nitrate, thanks to which a reflection or clear picture of the environment is obtained. She looked at the interior decoration, apartments, business premises, and so on.

They can be cut into different shapes in all sizes, allowing for easy fitting into space requirements.