Remove the old items from your interior

When performing construction works in the interior that require the removal of existing elements, the need for demolition of walls, ceilings, floors, various linings, removal of installations and the like is indicated.

During the demolition process in interior, the stability of the facility must be taken care of by our engineers with many years of experience.

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Demolition of walls and bulkheads

Rough works that we perform in order to adjust the existing space, or the old object, the new purpose and form the appropriate layout.

Demolitions of walls and bulkheads, different structure and materials:

  • brick walls and wall partitions,
  • different type of blocks,
  • gypsum plates,
  • differeny types of bulkheads,
  • cutting of concrete walls (before cutting our engineers perform static tests to be sure that we will not endanger the object and it's construction).

Lining and other elements demolition

If the scope of the work does not come down to more constructive changes in the enether, but only to the change of the final materials in order to improve the interior of the coat:

  • wall covering removals,
  • floor coverings removals,
  • disassembly of old installations,
  • disassembly of windows and doors,
  • disassembly of other elements intended for replacement.

Waste disposal

When performing works on demolition within the facility it is necessary to ensure adequate disposal of waste material - shuto and its removal to the landfill.

Our company is equipped with special vehicles that will transport complete waste material and store it at the nearest available landfill in accordance with all regulations and regulations.

Object space protection

When performing demolition works in the interior it is especially important to take care of the protection of the area that is not subject to demolition during demolition and during the transport of waste material through the facility.

We pay special attention to the protection of space, using all available protective materials and equipment.

Cleaning the space

After completing the rough work on demolition in the interior and taking the shots, the object needs to be cleaned and prepared for the next phase. Our professionals will ensure that the proctor is well cleaned and safe for further use.

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