Bathroom Remodeling to the finest details

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any residence. Not only is it one of the most frequently used areas, but it’s also an intensely personal space. Keeping it in top shape is on every homeowner’s to-do list, and thats is fact which our engeneers at Dynamic Constructions understands. In accordance, we’ve outfitted our team with the perfect set of skills to get any bath-oriented project—be it a repair, renovation, or restoration—completed in no time at all.

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Complete Bathroom Renovation

Total batrhoom renovation is the best solution for old and runned out bathrooms.

  • Preparation works - demolition, cleaning
  • Installations - plumbing, sewage, electrical, heating and ventilation (if necessary
  • Corrections - walls, ceiling,
  • Waterproofing - floors, walls
  • Ceramic works - tiling ceramics on floors and walls
  • Painting - painting surfaces of walls and ceiling
  • Final installations - installation of sanitary, furniture, lighting, heating and accessories
  • Final cleaning

Bathroom Updates

If your bathroom is in good condition without any defects and you have the desire to improve it with more modern solutions, then we will find the best way for you to make your bathroom a new and fresh look.
When it comes to improvements inside the bathroom, it usually includes works such as:

  • Replacement of bathroom furniture,
  • Replacement of sanitary equipment,
  • Replacement of carpentry.
Bathroom improvements can not always be carried out and in every situation, for this reason our team will see options and help with the most optimal proposal for you.

The cost of renovating the bathroom

You are playing a key role in creating your bathroom

The total cost for the renovation of the bathroom can not be determined in advance without planning the necessary work. The cost of renovating the bathroom is affected by a lot of factors, such as materials, equipment, location of the facility etc.


All materials we use are quality with appropriate supporting documentation and meet all applicable regulations and standards.


When we work on installations in the bathroom we take care of quality which is crucial especially when it comes to the installation of water supply and sewerage. All installations pass the necessary tests in order to confirm the quality performance.


If our company also supplies the necessary bathroom equipment, we will do our best to offer you the most competitive prices on the market that are acceptable for you. Depending on your budget, we will offer you the right equipment.


The most important visual seal of the bathroom is bathroom furniture which must be functional, practical and aesthetically fitted into the interior. Experienced designers come here to offer breath-taking solutions.